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Travel Trailer or Caravan

Travel Trailer or caravan – Can range from 12 to 33 feet and from singe to triple axle. The convenience of a trailer is that you still have a separate car, so you can leave the trailer stationary, though the car has to match the weight of the trailer for pulling power. Can be fitted out from 2-8 people and some are very luxurious with excellent bathroom facilities and private bedrooms. There are a variety of trailers besides the standard van which ranges from $7,000 to $ 70,000.

Fifth wheel coupling, incorporates a portion of the van which overhangs to be attached to the bed of a pick-up. Can be detached once on site, leaving vehicle available.

Pop-up, Easy to tow and park. Has portions that extend once stationary, including the whole top half, hence “pop-up,” though it actually rises. Prices come in around $ 4,000, so more affordable. Not suitable for all weathers as the sides are canvas. Can sleep up to 6 people, not really appropriate for full time RV living.

SURV, (Sports Utility Recreational Vehicle), large trailer with built in garage. More often used for hauling small vehicles as has a built in ramp, but this space could be converted to living space. You would need a large car for the heavy weight of this trailer. Similar in principle to the fifth wheel trailer.

We have not covered every means of RVs, such as truck camping, but we have highlighted the most popular vehicles. Now all you need to do is go along to an RV show or Dealer, and look at the manufactures online, to get an idea of which one is going to be suitable for you and your family. You can check out some information on this website about travel trailers in Lake Jackson Houston Tx

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Being in Control of Your Finances

When getting into the RV way of living you will get away from the standard lifestyle for many which involved spending more than you were making. Buying such things like a big new house with a big mortgage for starters. Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck trying to pay our mortgage, credit card payments and other never ending bills. Visit this website to learn more about RVs

If you are able to get rid of your debt by selling your home and other things you won’t need when living an RV lifestyle then you are off to a good start. But you do not have to be completely debt free to start living the RV lifestyle. Once you hit the road you will find that your expenses will decrease dramatically compared to living in a stationary home.

Pay Off Debt Quicker. You will also find you will be able to pay off your debt such as credit cards quicker because you will no longer have the monthly payments of a mortgage and other large bills associated with a stationary home. Not being stuck in year long leases will also make a big difference in that you are able to pay off your debts quicker. You may be looking at paying around $ 300.00 a month in a campground on average. You can find campgrounds where you will not have to pay anything for you can find these doing some research on the internet.

Finding Ways to Generate Income. There are many different ways that you will be able to generate the money you will need to pay for your living expenses while traveling from state to state. You can give farming a try by becoming a farmhand to doing work that involves a specialized skill such as designing or developing software and everything in between. If you find work that you are truly compassionate about or just enjoy doing then it won’t even seem like work.

You will get to enjoy ample free time to check out new surroundings while doing a bit of work in something you love to do anyway to earn some money for your expenses as well as extra to put in your bank for a rainy day. But for many of us we don’t get to do jobs that we love, but even so be able to do a job that allows you to travel and be free to roam. This part of that job will suit your lifestyle just fine allowing you to continue heading on down the road when the time is right.

How to take care of your brand new rv or trailer

Now you Bought it So Let’s Take Care of It

Ever since you got your license to drive you have probably been aware that at least a minimal amount of maintenance is required to keep any vehicle running I optimal shape, the same goes with an RV as well; once you but it, you have to take care of it. So let’s start with the basics. In most common C-class RV’s, you can open the hood from a latch on the left side under the dash board. Once you have popped the hood, take out the dipstick, if you find that the oil is below the marker on the stick add at least one quart of motor oil.


After the oil has been checked out you should then move on to the anti-freeze, this is usually found in a coolant reservoir, if the reservoir is empty you can remove the radiator cap to make sure that there are not any remnants left in the radiators itself. Please make sure that the radiator has cooled off when doing this however, so you do not get burned. Once you are sure that the radiator has cooled off, you can then take an old rag and use it to open the cap. Turn the cap slowly until you hear a hissing sound as pressure is released. Allow the pressure to vent out a bit and then continue unscrewing the radiator cap.

After this wait a few more moments with the cap off to make sure that the radiator is in fact cooling down. After you are sure it has sufficiently cooled start pouring in the anti-freeze. In a real pinch during the summer months you can substitute anti-freeze with water. But don’t try this during the winter because water in a radiator will freeze causing great detriment to your RV in houston tx.

After you have checked these things out you can then move on to the tires making sure that each one is properly inflated. Take special care to make sure that the tread is not worn down too bad and take note of any objects that might be stuck in the tire such as rocks, tacks, or even nails. If you see a nail in the tire this is definitely a point of contention.

Searching the Travel Trailer and RV Marketplace

Before you purchase a Texas travel trailer or an RV you need to have some understanding of the types of RV’s that are out there. Because the RV types are just as diverse as their price, when you bargain around for a n RV you have to have at least a minor understanding of what features should be included with what price. At a typical RV lot you can anything from the cheapest RV to the most expensive glamping extravaganza on the market.

To get started in determining what type of RV would be right for you, start off your search by thinking of the RV’s by “RV Class”. The “Class C” type RV is by far the most prevalent RV style out there. These RV’s have a van chassis, giving them that classic RV van type shape, they are also usually made by Chevrolet and Ford. Great benefit can be derived from this class of RV due to the fact that it is designed by these two main auto manufacturing companies.


This is because, since the companies are well known, any of the corresponding parts of the vehicle are also well known which of course makes things a heck of a lot easier if you ever need to make some repairs on the unit. With class C, finding parts is usually an easy task, unlike some of the other RV types that have less well known chassis and parts, which due to their inherent rarity can be a real disaster if they ever breakdown.

Going away from the more common Class C type you will find the Class A variety. Class A RV’s are much more massive, and are designed by using a Bus as a template. This of course is a great deal for a large group that are touring the country but if it is just three or less utilizing the RV having this type would make very little sense. These units actually work as a full sized house on wheels. They are as long as a bus and they also have sides that can be pulled out and extended when parked which doubles the size of the RV, making the floor space of the vehicle approximately the same as your average small house.

Here is one little tip from my own RV buying and just general car lot experience, the number one thing that you should keep in mind when you step on that lot intentions in mind. So borrowing a few words from Lady Gaga, the best thing for you to do is to go in there with your poker face on. Even if you have something in mind ahead of time, don’t let the sales team in on it, because this is just an invitation to disaster.

Even if you have a basic knowledge or skill level in regard to RV’s don’t let the sales people in on it. Your best bet is to just come to the lot as if you aren’t looking for anything in particular. Don’t go up to the sales window right away, let them come to you, because that is their job after all, don’t try to preempt them or beat them to it. it. When the dealer does approach, don’t take his word on anything about the vehicle, it is their job to tell you that even the junkiest of RV’s, “Runs Great”. So don’t believe it for a minute, when they make a claim make sure you check on it.

One good way to do this is to have a trusted mechanic go with you to help inspect the vehicle before purchasing it, if this is not possible then you can see if you can take the RV by a mechanic shop during a test drive. When inspecting an RV though just keep in mind that a proper checkup can get complicated.

complicated. Unlike just checking tire pressure and oil in a normal car, other than normal driving maintenance of the vehicle, when it comes to a motor home you have to also make sure that vital living components will be functional as well, otherwise you will have a drivable RV but a really lousy place to camp.

And among these vital living components is the water pump. The water pump is as vital on the road as it is in your normal residential home, without drinkable and of course flushable water an RV camping trip can be ruined. So it definitely has to be checked out before you buy an RV. To check it just start up the vehicle and then turn on all the faucets in the RV.

If the water is running at all that is a good sign, but after you have determined that water will come out of faucets, the next thing you need to check up on is if that water will run hot. So turn the hot water on and see if the water heater is still doing its job in the RV.

After you have ascertained that the water runs and you have hot water, the next thing you need to see about is if there are any leaks to be found. So with your water still running take a look under the sink at the fill inlet to see if any of the water has leaked out of the system anywhere. If it appears to be leaking here, the most likely reason is that there is a failed pressure valve in the pump. Just be aware that if this pressure valve is broken it is not easy to fix it, so this could definitely be a deal breaker in purchasing an RV, and something well worth keeping in mind.